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E3 2018 has came and went now Spencer, Patrick, and Waffles to spread the video game love. We are here to tell you what SMT/Persona news we have missed, thoughts on SMT Strange Journey on 3DS, Cross Tag Battle, and western news for P3/5D. We then wrap up the show with worst/best moments from E3 this year along with many of you!
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2018 is here and so is the latest episode of the SMTN podcast...that we recorded over a month ago. Sorry for the wait and listen to the show's intro for an explanation as to why this happened. This show Spencer, Waffles, and Melissa talk about Cross Tag Battle, Catherine getting remake for Vita/PS4, and tons of P3/5D news. So strap in for a 2+ hour show! Expect a new episode by the end of the week.

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SMTN is here to talk about SMT sales in Japan for all 3DS titles. This comes after the disappointing sales of Deep Strange Journey launching in Japan last October. Spencer and Waffles also talk the game awards giving Persona 5 best RPG of 2017, and some more news we have missed since our last episode. We cant give you an ETA on the next episode, but we will do our best to make a episode just in time for Christmas. So cross your fingers wish us luck and thank you for always being patient with us. Don't forget to leave show feedback in the comments below for this episode.
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Spencer from SMTN and Keith from Did You Know Tensei team up for a surprise crossover episode. I hope you all enjoy the surprise show we hope to do more community interaction with not only SMTN but MegaTen communities all over.
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Spencer and Waffles catch up on some news while answering your questions the only way we know how...FAST AND LOOSE. The Evoker this week is IMPORTANT the next spoiler cast will be on 10/31/2017 should it be over SMTIVA or P5? We will do both eventually but we need to pick one asap! Let us know in the comments below or on twitter.
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The MoGameCon Social Link special episode is finally live for you to enjoy. We not only have an interview and recorded panel with the team behind My Life In Gaming as well as Douglas from Limited Run Games! Thanks to everyone for sitting down with us to talk.
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More My Life In Gaming stuff here:
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BIG week for all things Persona as we have three brand new games that got announced. Spencer, Melissa, and Waffles talk about the two new dancing games as well as what the mysterious PQ2 could be. Your reactions and questions this week were amazing so thank you as always. The Evoker this week is: Are you more excited for P3D/P5D or neither and why? Sorry about the beginning audio quality but to make up for it we have a good blooper for you at the very end.
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The whole gang is back together this week to talk about all thing SMT again. Spencer, Waffles, and Melissa also get into another heated argument in regards to Mayo vs Ketchup. Thank you all as well for the great replies to last week evoker and all the questions.
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While Spencer and Melissa are still down a Waffles we bust out a show for you this week. Our Evoker of the week is about SMT Strange Journey Redux not getting an English dub. Let us know your though, why that is, and what we can do to show Atlus USA they should change their minds (the game isn't even done in Japan so there is plenty of time for them to change their minds). Also let us know your show feedback and thanks for the questions as always.
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After 100+ episodes SMTN has finally had to record it's first one man show with no script Spencer brings you this weeks show all by himself. Let us know what you think of the show and how it turned out. Also we will be back in less than a week from now with a full lengthened show to talk AX and more Strange Journey! Also thanks to all of you for submitting questions/topics for the show.
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