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Link 18-Watch_Puppies

Atlus has revealed it's super secrect project that was teased and the fans are pissed! Spencer and Melissa sit down to talk all about the pros/cons of Persona 4 Golden the animation coming this summer.


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Link 17-Cosplay

Spencer gets special guest Thomas and Emma on this episode to talk about cosplay. We also have a bit of house keeping news and P4AU news/leaks. Be sure to check out out new Patreon page at

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Link 16-PS2 Memories

The latest and greatest episode of SMTN is here for you all to enjoy and is filled with all kinds of discussion. Spencer, Merlissa, and Netto talk about the upcoming bluray release of the first Persona 3 movie and what the release of these Atlus PS2 classics might mean for PlayStation owners in the future.

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Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Podcast

Just a special one off for talking all about MGSV before it's launch this week.

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After Hours Link 6

Spencer and Melissa get together for another episode of After Hours and as always talk about Americas favorite Vita game from Japan! We also answer some more great questions from all then listeners.

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Link 15-Persona News Is Always Dandy Baby

Technical difficulties be damned Spencer and Will get together to talk about all the Person news in regards to North America and plenty of other topics.

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SMTN: After Hours Link 5

Big changes talked about in this new episode about everything happening to SMTN in the future with Will and Spencer.

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Social Link With Ghostlight

Happy 2014 and we are back with an episode of Social Link after taking a break for the holidays. This is a very different interview because in stead of talking to a voice actor Spencer talks with one of the staff members at Ghostlight who helps bring out some of the best Japanese games to Europe. So enjoy and look forward to many more episodes and social links in 2014!

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Gaming Union Radio-Best Of 2013

Here is a special one off podcast taking a look back at the best video game soundtracks picked by listeners by you and the staff of Gaming Union. Be sure to let us know what you think of it.

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Link 14-Akihiko's Secret

SMTN Holiday special is here just in time for New Years eve and we have a special crossover withanother SMT podcast!

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