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Vita Life Episode 3

Sorry no SMTN This week but to make up for it I still wanted to upload something so here is Vita Life episode 3. I promise the show isn't taking over things just happened three weeks in a row. I hope you still enjoy if not send all complaints to Spencer @Torchwood4sp

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Episode 2-Little Dissapointments
We are hosting Vita Life on here for one last week blame Spencer's Wallet for the lack of a feed for this week.
Episode 2 of the Vita Life podcast is live and starting next episode we should have our own itunes feed. This week Spencer and Travis talk about the Junes PS+ titles, Criminal Girls 2 getting announced, and much more. Thanks for all the question as always and keep spreading the word so we can keep this podcast growing. Don't forget to get hyped for E3 2016 next week!
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Link 107-Waffles Gets Lewd
Spencer and Melissa welcome back Waffles who is still camping out in California for E3. This week we talk about more Japanese Persona 5 preorder bonuses (including a steelbook!). Besides that we also talk about what we are looking forward to next with with E3 just around the corner. Thanks again for the show feedback/questions and look forward to our E3 livestreams next weekend.
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Vita Life Podcast Episode 1
This episode is a pilot and has only been featured on this feed to gauge feedback for this first episode!
Hello Vita owners and lovers of the world and welcome to the first episode of the Vita Life Podcast! On this episode you are introduced to your two hosts (Spencer Pressly and Travis McCollum). Besides that we go over all the latest news and apologies in advance for forgetting to mention Steins Gate 0. We then wrap up the show by answering a few questions.
As this is our first episode we are looking for as much feedback on how to improve the podcast and your thoughts on the show as possible so far. You can let us know on our twitter @VitaLifePodcast
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Link 106-Choose A Side
While this week's show may be missing a certain breakfast item Spencer and Melissa sit down to talk about the brand new SMTIVA news for all of you. The Evoker this week is:What would you like to see us do during E3 this year? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on twitter @SMTNetwork
Also be on the lookout this week for a brand new podcast on the feed that will have it's own home if the reception is positive and that is our brand new podcast about all things PS Vita called Vita Life. Keep up to date with it on twitter @VitaLifePodcast or on it's own Vita focused community group here:
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Social Link With The SPMT Team
This week we present a very fast and loose Social Link! Spencer sits down with some of the team who worked on Spencer Megami Tensei I/II. This includes Algebra, Abraham, Max, Dante, Victor, and Bogsy. If you don't know about Spencer Megami Tensei it is a RPG based around SMTN.
You can check out the first game here:
Don't forget to ask Bogsy weekly when the sequel will be done.
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Link 105-More Personas Mean New Persona Lore!
After last week we still have more Persona 5 news to go over! Spencer, Melissa, and Waffles talk about the new Personas as well as talk about what inspired them. Besides that we go over all of your questions and show feedback. No Evoker this week as next week should be a special episode. Let us know your show feedback in the comments below.
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Link 104-Persona 5 Has A Release Date...In Japan
Persona 5 news has finally surfaced! We know about new party members, got tons of new gameplay, collector's edition revealed, and have an official release date Japan. Spencer, Melissa, and Waffles go over everything we saw during the horrifying Tokyo Tower Live Stream event. The Evoker this week is: What do you think Atlus has planned for Persona 5 at E3 now that we know Atlus Japan will be there with Atlus USA? Let us know in the comments below and feel free to leave your show feedback as well.
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Link 103-Atlus Steelbooks Are Coming
This week is filled to the gills with nothing but news! Spencer, Melissa, and Waffles talk about preorder bonuses, Europe getting snubbed, and much more! Also this week's Evoker is: How does SMTIV:A not getting a limited edition make you feel and are you happy with the preorder bonus medals? Let us know your answers in the comments below as well as your show feedback.
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Social Link With Limited Run Games II

SMTN takes a break this week to present another interview with Douglas from Limited Run Games. Since we last talked to LRG they have announced six more games they will be releasing soon and that is just the tip of the iceberg! In fact starting 4/25/2016 (tomorrow if you are seeing this the day before) they will be selling New N' Tasty for both the Vita and PS4 physically! Both games will only have 5000 copies printed for each system so don't hold off on buying these. Besides that we talk about how LRG has looked into helping bring more physical games from big publishers like Koei Tecmo! I hope you enjoy this interview just as much as we did recording it for all of you. Normal episodes of SMTN will return next week!

Buy New N' Tasty on PS4:
Buy New N' Tasty on PS Vita:

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