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Heads up we are messing around with new recorders so sorry in advance for the audio quality. Spencer and Melissa discuss Persona 5 as well as other Persona 5 related news. Also we discuss the DLC released so far and if it is worth the asking price.Thank you all for the questions and being patient during the lack of episodes.
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SMTN has survived another year at Naka Kon and 2017 was a big improvement for the convention as a whole! While we were unable to record any interviews we did record a Persona 5 panel with Robbie Daymond and Max Mittelman as well as a post con wrap up with Devon and Dylan from All-Out Attack.
Next episode should still be our SMTIVA spoilercast if we can get it recorded this weekend.
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This week we are proud to have voice actor Sean Chiplock sit down and talk to us about all things from voice acting, dungeon crawling, and most impotently fanboying over Criminal Girls.
Also for all of your Demon Gaze guide needs here is a link to Sean's guide:
Be sure to check him on on social media below
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