Shin Megami Tensei Network (podcast)
Link 14-Akihiko's Secret

SMTN Holiday special is here just in time for New Years eve and we have a special crossover withanother SMT podcast!

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SMTN: After Hours Link 4

After Hours is back to talk about the holiday seasons and what Shin Megami Tensei Network will do leading up to 2014. Spencer, Melissa, and Will also talk about the recent VGX awards, what we have all been playing, and many other off topic subjects as always. SMTN will also be going through both SMT games that released in 2013, but we need your help to decide what to play first. So let us know if you would like to play SMT IV or Soul Hackers with us first on twitter or facebook.

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Link 13-Don't Miss It Baby!

SMT Network is back to talk about the four (yes you read that right) brand new Persona games announced to release in 2014. The major one obviously being Persona 5, but the rest of the spin off games look equally promising. So join Spencer, Will, and Melissa once again to talk about all the latest Person announcements along with hearing what other listeners thought.

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SMTN: After Hours Link 3

After Hours dips into something new this week...ANIME! Spencer, Melissa, and Will discuss what we think of the first episode from BlazeBlue Alter Memory. As long as the show keeps up the quality we will be talking about it each week since we are all such big fans of the series so be sure to tune in each week along with us. These is also some talk of the recently released Beyond Two Souls and a few other new shows on at the moment.

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SMTN: After Hours Link 2

After Hours is back and this week we discuss many different topics. We also read out what you all thought Person 4 Arena's sequel should be called. We also talk about many different games we have all been playing including Final Fantasy XIV and what happened with the newest Nintendo Direct. Next Episode we will be watching the first episode of the BlazBlue anime so be sure to watch it each week so we can talk about it together. Until then be sure to enjoy speculating why Knuckles got so buff in the new TV show coming for the blue hedgehog in 2014.

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SMTN: After Hours Link 1

The SMT Network podcast is making the long weeks of silence a little more bearable with a brand new podcast called SMTN: After Hours. This wil feature us talking about whatever we are doing each week and can range from video games, TV/anime, moveis, manga, and much more. Hopefully you will enjoy these inbetween main episodes of the podcast. We also talk about the news Atlus recently released.

Spencer, Melissa, and Will talk about all the raise in video game selfies along with what we hace been doing recently. This links burning question is what should Atlus USA name the sequel to Persona 4 Arena? Remember in Japan the game is called Persona 4: The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold.

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Link 12-P4A Information Overload!

Fans of Persona 4 Arena are going to enjoy this episode as we have a HUGE part of our news this episode dedicated to all of the brand new features coming to Persona 4 Arena. There are still tons of news for people who are looking for some more SMT RPG goodness. So sit back, relax, and don't forget to ware those baseball hats backwards!

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Link 11-New Beginnings

After much delay and talking, The Persona Podcast is now Shin Megami Tensei Network. What does this mean for the podcast? Things will stay the same except there will no longer be as large of a focus on just Persona and now. While we were gone two great SMT games released for the 3DS and P4A has released worldwide (finally). Be sure to listen to find out even more. Also be sure to keep spreading the word so the podcast can keep growing. We wouldn't be where we are a year from when we started if it was not for all of you amazing listeners!

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Link 10-I Love Yu

To celevrate the 10th episode for the Persona Podcast we have a special episode unlike any other past episode. We not only invite three die hard podcast listeners and talk all about the Persona 4 Anime with spoilers a plenty. Spencer, Will, Melissa, Jose, Nick, and Netto also talk all about the latest news relatated to Persona and SMT. Don't forget to answer our evoker of the week: What would you rather summon a Persona with guns to the head or cards in the hand? Let us know if you are Team EMO or Team YU-GI-OH!?

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Social Link With Tara Platt

Spencer and Melissa are joined once again by another Persona voice actor, this time the esteemed Tara Platt sits down to talk all about her life with us. Tara plays Mitsuru and Elizebeth from Persona 3/4 Arena. Shen also has provided her talents to many different shows, movies, and anime. Tara is married to Yuri Lowenthal (Yosuke) if you have not listened to our social link with him yet be sure to check it out. 

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