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After Hours dips into something new this week...ANIME! Spencer, Melissa, and Will discuss what we think of the first episode from BlazeBlue Alter Memory. As long as the show keeps up the quality we will be talking about it each week since we are all such big fans of the series so be sure to tune in each week along with us. These is also some talk of the recently released Beyond Two Souls and a few other new shows on at the moment.

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SMTN: After Hours Link 2

After Hours is back and this week we discuss many different topics. We also read out what you all thought Person 4 Arena's sequel should be called. We also talk about many different games we have all been playing including Final Fantasy XIV and what happened with the newest Nintendo Direct. Next Episode we will be watching the first episode of the BlazBlue anime so be sure to watch it each week so we can talk about it together. Until then be sure to enjoy speculating why Knuckles got so buff in the new TV show coming for the blue hedgehog in 2014.

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