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Link 70-Number 1 Handsome Man

This week we return to being (mostly) safe for work. For the first time all three SMTN Facebook Admins come together for this week's podcast. Spencer​, Drew​, and Jacob​ catch you up on all the latest news and of course answer all of your questions.The Evoker this week is: Would you want another SMT MMORPG and if so who would you like to make it? Let us know what you think in the questions below and we hope you enjoy the show!

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Link 69-NSFW

This week Spencer​, Waffles​, and Melissa​ celebrate reaching 69 episodes by providing a commentary over the Persona 4 porn parody called Perofella. So if you don't want to hear us answering all of your questions during an awful porno then this episode is not for you. You have been warned. The Evoker this week is: What did you think of Perofella? If you want a link to watch the same stream we used during this episode then click here:

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Social Link With Matt Marcotte

This week we sits down with Matt Marcotte from Marcotte Studios. Matt is an awesome and extreamly talented artist who we thought might be fun to have on to talk about his life. The audio had to be recorded from my phone because of a techinical mishap but hopefully you all can enjoy it as much as we did recording it. Regular episodes will return next week and until then don't forget to answer the Evoker that is: How would you feel about Persona 3 Dancing All Night happening? Episode art this week is also from Matt.

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Link 68-Needs More Chie

This week Spencer​ and Waffles​ are joined by Patreon Executive Producers Alicia​ and Devin​. Now that we have finally gotten our hands on the imported version of Persona 4 Dancing All Night we share with you all of thoughts so far and if it has lived up to the hype. Along with answering all of your questions we have an Evoker Devin wanted to ask all of you. The Evoker this week is: How would you feel about a Persona 3 Dancing All Night? Next week we have a Social Link with Marcotte Studios​ going up so look forward to that!

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