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Link 86-Follow Your Dreams

Black Friday has come and gone so now it is officially Podcast Sunday! Spencer​ and Waffles are happy to have Melissa​ back on to talk all about the latest SMTIV Final news. The Evoker this week: What games do you plan on playing for the rest of 2015 now that almost all the big releases are here? Let us know your reply and thoughts on this weeks show in the comments below.

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Link 85-SMTN Costumes?

Spencer​ and Waffles​ man up for another two person podcast to record another episode of us getting as much news out of this week as possible. along with answering your questions we have a very special Evoker for you all to help us with this week. The Evoker this week: What categories would you like us to vote for in next months SMTN Awards? Let us know what you would like us to include in the comments below and next week we will start working on nominees.

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Link 84-Spencer Plushly

Spencer​ and Waffles​ sit down to discuss not only this week's worth of news, but also discuss the latest news from this newest Nintendo Direct. This week's Evoker is: Explain to us why you are excited for #FE? If you aren't excited for it let us know as well and don't forget to say why for both sides. Thanks again for taking the time out of your week from playing Fallout 4 to submit your questions and listen to the podcast. Don't forget to leave your replies and feedback in the comments below.

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Link 83-The Best Pre-Order Bonus...NEVER

Thanks for waiting everyone! Spencer​ figured the best way to wait till Fallout 4 arrives is to record a podcast talking erasers with Melissa​ and Waffles​. If you couldn't tell the news well is drying up, but we still have plenty of great games to talk about with all of you. The Evoker this week is: What pre-order bonus do you want to see in the western release of SMTIV Final? Thanks again for all of your questions and don't forget to let us know your thoughts of this week's podcast and your answers to the Evoker in the comments below.

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