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Link 114
Thanks for your patients as Spencer, Melissa, and Waffles are back to talk about the biggest news that kinda sorta may affect Persona 5. This week's evoker is: How do you think Final Fantasy getting delayed will affect the overall release of Persona 5? Thanks again for all of your questions and listening to this week's show.
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Link 113-$200+ P4 Pin Sets

This weeks SMTN is just a straight up news episode due to time restrictions and yet we still forgot to give the SMTIVA DLC announcement (expect that next week). Spencer, Melissa, and Waffles also get their mind blown for the P4 Udon pin set. The Evoker this week is: How long do you think it will take the P4 Pin set that went on sale today? Sorry no questions this week but let us know your replies to the Evoker in the comments below!


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