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Link 112-Persona 5 Is Done!
This week we are literally flooded with Persona 5 news...but Spencer, Melissa, and Waffles talk about if this is still a good thing? Our Evoker this week is: Who has handled releasing information better Persona 5 or Final Fantasy XV? Please explain why in the comments below, but don't turn this into a what game you think is better argument. Thanks again for the questions and see you next week.
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Link 111-Sho Fans
It's gonna be one of those week for this episode of SMTN. Spencer, Waffles, and Melissa speculate on what the last bit of announcements for Persona 5's Japanese launch. Besides going through the strange and curious world of Sho Minazuki fans out there. The Evoker this week is:What do you want to see on, in and the price for the (hopefully) upcoming Persona 5 PS4 bundle? Let us know your answers and show feedback in the comments below!
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Link 110-Perofella Ultimax
The gang is back and we bring you plenty of news! Spencer, Melissa, and Waffles go over the a final SMTIVA date, Ultimax live show photos, and more. The Evoker this week is all about Deep Silver publishing Atlus/Sega titles in Europe. How does this change in publishers make you feel? Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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Link 109-Ben Moore Is Back
So while AX news was happening Spencer sat down with Ben Moore formally of Gametrailers and now at Easy Allies about literally anything we wanted for a bit over 2 hours so enjoy! Things talked about include TMS#FE, Persona 5, SMTIVA, being at E3, anime, manga, PlayStation Vita, and much much more we hope you have a good time listening to us chat! Expect us to return next week with lots of AX questions for Waffles and maybe JUST maybe a release date for Apocalypse.
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