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Link 77-Why You Always Lying?

Spencer​, Waffles​, and Melissa​ have returned from Tokyo Game Show 2015. We came back with a trailer, but got a pesky delay for Persona 5 until Summer 2016. After going over the latest trailer and news we then cover some of the more exciting news to come out of TGS. Thanks for sharing all of your thoughts, high/lowlights, and questions with all of us. The Evoker this week is: What do you think of the Persona 5 main cast's design? Let us know in the comments below as well as any thoughts on this weeks show!

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Link 76-Media Blackout

We are one week away from Tokyo Game Show 2015 and we couldn't pass up this opportunity to make any bets. Spencer, Waffles, and Melissa go over the news as usual and then go into a discussion about if we need a new Persona 5 trailer before the game releases. Let us know what side of the disccusion you land on as well! The Evoker this week is: Predict three unanounced games that you think will be announced at TGS 2015 next week. Thanks again for listening and submitting all the questions.

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Link 75-Too Lewd

Thanks for waiting again everyone! We managed to get an episode this week even though one of us were sick. Spencer​, Waffles​, and Melissa​ get mad at Aniplex USA​ and talk North American P4DAN DLC schedule. The Evoker this week is we need your top 5 SMT/Persona butts and why in the comments below. As always let us know what you thought of this weeks episode and don't forget...stay lewd!

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Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain Podcast

This week we have a very special podcast for all of you Metal Gear fans! To celebrate the release of The Phantom Pain Spencer and William have an almost 5 hour SPOILER filled discussion about every canon game in the series. We put a lot of hard work into this episode and hope you all enjoy it. Also shout outs to Maracuya Perú, Abraham Gomora, Algebra Falcon, Andre Harrell, and Marcus Brown for helping me with the ending song. We did a group singalong at the end of Quiet's theme from MGSV.

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