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This week we speak with Nikki aka The Fifth Kalpa who is currently working on her own SMT inspired fan game! We talk about how Nikki got started with the series, what SMT elements she was inspired to implement, and in SMTN fashion lots of going off topic. Hope you all enjoy this week's podcast and don't forget to let us know your answer to this week's Evoker. What is the better 3DS SMT game Strange Journey Redux or Apocalypse and why?
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This week's episode of the podcast features Spencer chatting with Simply Dad on all sorts of topics. We go over the misconceptions of the SMT/Persona fandom, Unreal Engine 4 for SMTV, and much more. Let us know what you think of the episode in the comments below.
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This week Spencer sits down with with Allisa James(writer at Dualshockers and cohost for Megaten Marathon podcast) to talk about both of our experiences reviewing Persona 5 Royal. We discuss third semester spoilers at 1:56:00 mark in the episode so be mindful to not ruin the best part of the game if you haven' gotten there. Be sure to let us know in the comments below what you think of Royal if you are playing it.
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This week's podcast is a video review and showcase of the DLC in Persona 5 Royal. For audio listeners who won't be able to watch everything on the YouTube video there are timestamps below for each review. If you found this video helpful at all please consider giving us a review on iTunes which helps us grow the podcast.


6:30 Persona 4 Review

12:00 Persona 4 Challenge Battle

30:00 Persona 3 Challenge Battle

37:30 Challenge Battle Review

39:30 DLC Persona Review

50:50 Persona Q2 Review

56:45 Strange Journey Redux Review

1:01:30 Featherman Review

1:08:00 Velvet Room Review

1:13:10 Persona 5 Dancing Review

1:19:40 Persona 3 Review

1:20:40 Persona Review

1:24:30 Persona 2 Review

1:28:00 Catherine Review

1:33:20 Shin Megami Tensei If Review

1:40:10 Persona 4 Dancing Review

1:42:50 Persona 4 Arena Review

1:46:40 Shin Megami Tensei IV Review

1:29:45 Devil Summoner Raidou Review

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