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The last episode of 2014 is finally here and we have had an absolutely amazing year for the podcast. This week Spencer, Melissa, and Waffles. are joined by special guests Andrew, Alicia, and Keith. We talk about 2014 and even list our top 5 games we played this year. The evoker of the week is: What is your favorite game you played in 2014 and why? It didnt have to come out this year you just had to play it this year. Also our holiday photo caption contest will be starting this week so stay tuned to the facebook group everyday! Thank you as always for listening and lets all have an even better year in 2015!!!

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The holiday 2014 special episode of SMTN is here for all of you to enjoy. We invited our Patreon Executive Producers and got one of the wackiest shows we have ever recorded. Spencer, Waffles, and Melissa are joined by special guests Anthony, Cole, Jacob, Robert, and Will! We talk all about 2015 and cover all sorts of subjects and new titles. Let us know what you think about this weeks show in the comments below. Big thanks again to all of you who supported us on Patreon and expect to hear from even more of them soon.

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After being gone for the week SMTN is back and only a little less sick! Spencer, Waffles, and executive producer David sit down to talk all about the latest in news. Along with talking about our favorite toothpaste we also answer your questions and even discover what a white elephant gift is. This week's Evoker is: What is your most memorable moment from SMT/Persona? You may post spoilers in your response, but just try to tag them so others don't get spoiled. As always let us know what you thought of this weeks episode and I hope you enjoy!

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SMTN Radio

This is a very special week of SMTN and the very first episode of SMTN Radio. I took all of your song suggestions from the group and made a playlist for all of you to enjoy. We will have a normal episode next week, but until then we hope you enjoy this little experiment. Our Evoker is still the same so let us know your thoughts on Persona Q if you haven't already.

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