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Link 53-Live From Naka Kon 2015 With Matthew Mercer

SMTN has returned from Naka-Kon​ 2015! Spencer​ not only got a chance to host a History of SMT & Persona panel that actually filled up a large room, but also got to interview Matthew Mercer (Kanji, Walter, etc.). Big thanks to the convention for letting us cover the con and obviously Matt for sitting down and talking with us. Sorry we could not answer all of your questions with him, but hopefully you all can enjoy this weeks very special live show. It was an absolute blast and if you were in the panel thank you so much for coming because SMTN wouldn't be able to do awesome things like this without all of you supporting us every step of the way! Special shout out to Devon​ and Dylan​ from All-Out Attack​ Cosplay for helping out as well.

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