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Link 8-The Persona Bar Has Been Lowered

The holiday season is here and the Persona Podcast crew is back to give you not only a show, but a commentary on top of that. Th commentary will be over the 1st episode of Persona Trinity Soul and is something most fans of the series or anime in general dislike. So if santa decided you were bad this year, enjoy our commentary with your new DVD and for those who don't hate your wallet feel free to watch the episode here

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Link 7-The Mysterious Burpees

The whole Persona pocast crew is back to bid farwell to Will as he will no longer be a regular host. Still we have a lot of great conversations about a lot of games and even some not so interesting topics. Lack of actual persona news will do that to a show. Still the looming release of Persona 4 Golden is almost upon us. 

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Social Link With Jonathan Holmes

On a very special episode of the Persona Podcast Spencer and Melissa meet up with Jonathan Holmes from Destructoid. This will include lots of talk about Persona and other stuff in general that is not related, but still fun. If you are a fan of this an want to see us meet up with other importent perople and talk about Persona let us know!

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Link 6-Just the two of us

After a slight delay Spencer and Melissa are back and ready to talk about Persona as well as Catherine. We will save all the Catherine talk for the end, but don't let that stop you from enjoying yourself as we go over listeners evokers from last time. Expect more shows more regularly and no more large breaks like this one in the future. Also don't forget to pick up a copy of Code of Princess if you haven't already!

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Link 5- Persona Saturation

In what seems to be a year filled with Persona 4 we talk about how this affects the series as a whole. Spencer, Melissa, Will, and Lauren also answer your questions and talk even more about P4A not coming out until god knows when in the PAL regions. Still there is good news such as talk about P4G and the recently dubbed anime. Also we talk a bit about the plans for our upcoming playthrough of Catherine over the month of October.

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Link 4-There's a snake in her boot?!

This week the whole gang is back to give you our most crazy episode to date. Which isn't saying much since this is the 4th link. We talk about ANOTHER Persona 4 game coming out, ANOTHER Persona 4 game NOT coming out, and what an american Persona 4 show would look like.

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Link 3-Yak Jackson

The social links just keep getting stranger and stranger with the podcast this week. We spend a lot of time talking about some spoiler free thoughts on P4A as well as all the new P4G news that has been released. This week Melissa comes back, but sadly no Lauren since she was busy in the velvet room. So this means Will and Spencer will fill out the rest of the show with Melissa.

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Link 2-Saving Money For Bear Puns

This week Spencer, Will, and Lauren get together to talk about the latest Persona news. Also we announce who won out evoker of the week and what the next evoker will be. We cover the anime, manga, and yes games new surrounding Persona this week.

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Link 1-Mother of Personas...

The Persona series seems to just keep growing larger and larger with every release. So we thought it was about time for there to be a Persona Podcast. The Persona Podcast is hosted by Spencer, Melissa, Lauren, and Will.

This Episode we focus on who we are and what Persona means to us. After that we give a "brief" history of the Persona games released in the west. Next, go over our "Evoker of the Week" and then go over some questions written in to us.

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