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Link 55

Link 55 has arrived and with it comes some of the best cover art a Persona game has ever seen. Spencer​, Melissa​, and Waffles​ don't have much news to cover in terms of news, but hey at least Dancing All Night has weekly trailers for us to watch. This week's Evoker comes from Maracuya Perú​: How would you feel if Sega got into a disagreement with Atlus and the studios behind Persona/SMT is replaced by a whole new development team (similar to the Kojima/Konami situation)? As always thank you all for the awesome questions and let us know your responses to this week's Evoker in the comments below.

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Link 54

The whole gang is back for Link 54 with Spencer​, Waffles​, and Melissa​ talking about the biggest P4DAN news yet. Along with covering the latest news, answering questions, and show feedback we FINALLY start our Game club for Devil Survivor Overclocked. So if you want to playthrough the game with all of us just play until the end of the first day by next weeks episode. We will start a discussion thread later in the week to avoid spoilers for everyone else. Finally this week's Evoker is: Who do you want us to invite on the show next? As always let us know your answer as well as thoughts on this weeks show.

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Link 53-Live From Naka Kon 2015 With Matthew Mercer

SMTN has returned from Naka-Kon​ 2015! Spencer​ not only got a chance to host a History of SMT & Persona panel that actually filled up a large room, but also got to interview Matthew Mercer (Kanji, Walter, etc.). Big thanks to the convention for letting us cover the con and obviously Matt for sitting down and talking with us. Sorry we could not answer all of your questions with him, but hopefully you all can enjoy this weeks very special live show. It was an absolute blast and if you were in the panel thank you so much for coming because SMTN wouldn't be able to do awesome things like this without all of you supporting us every step of the way! Special shout out to Devon​ and Dylan​ from All-Out Attack​ Cosplay for helping out as well.

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Link 52

Welcome to Link 52! This week Spencer​ and Melissa​ talk about all the latest news and talk about our upcoming live panel at Naka-Kon​ next week. Since we also plan on talking to Matthew Mercer (the new voice of Kanji) the Evoker this week is: What would you like us to ask Matthew Mercer during our upcoming interview? Please limit it to one question per person. If you plan on being at the convention defiantly join us Saturday night at 9PM CST.

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Link 51

Episode 51 has arrived with Spencer​, Melissa​, and Patreon supporter Adam​ to talk about all the latest news. Along with answering all of your amazing questions we have a brand new Evoker while we wait for the slightly delayed Devil Survivor Overclocked Game Club. The Evoker this week is: If you could have Gilbert Gottfried (the voice of Iago from Aladdin) narrator an SMT related game trailer what would it be? 

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